Script Frenzy

I’ve attempted to do National Novel Writing month in the past, with minimal success, so this year I’ve decided to try my hand at the screenwriting version of it, known as Script Frenzy.

It’s a 100 pages in 30 days, and it’ll be no small task for me- my friend is getting married this spring, and there will be no shortage of wedding-related events over the course of April.

But I like a challenge, and I definitely like experimenting with different types of writing. I actually took two years of screenwriting in university, but it’s been years since I’ve tried my hand at it. In the past I’ve been comfortable with the format, but I’ve never attempted anything feature-length before. Wish me luck!



As I begin to consider my next PC purchase to replace the four-year-old P4 fossil currently sitting on my desk, I’m starting to think about all of the PC games I’ve been missing out on recently.

This morning, just out of curiousity, I was looking at apps made specifically for the click-wheel classic iPod.  I was first of all struck by the fact that they range from Trivial Pursuit to Pac-Man (not a huge surprise there) to Sonic the Hedgehog. I’ve never owned a click-wheel iPod, but I intend to borrow one just to see how these games work.

One game I was really impressed to find though was Phase. It’s a simple rhythm game by Harmonix that uses your iPod’s music library to generate levels.

Since I don’t own a classic iPod (the one and only device Phase is available on), I immediately searched for any similar games on other platforms. I immediately came up with Audiosurf.

My current PC would likely suffer a stroke if I tried to run it, but I can’t wait to play it later on when I finally get a new one. Here’s a sample:

iPad Launch Date Announced – April 3 – The countdown begins.

(via Gamasutra)

My current thoughts:
I personally think that there are a lot of existing apps that will not port seamlessly to the iPad in terms of controls, and people seem to be taking it for granted that it will sell as well/to the same people as the iPhone. (I’m a little bit skeptical about that.)

While I don’t doubt Apple’s marketing panache, at the same time there’s a big difference between carrying around something roughly the size of a deck of cards in your pocket, and carrying around something the size of a notebook.

I’m enthusiastic about the sort of games that could be made for this device- as a matter of fact, I think I’d even like to buy one. But I think of it as an attractive alternative to a laptop.

At the very least, the iPad will give the Netbook craze a run for its money, I think.

Apps Meg is using

Okay, I said I wasn’t going to do lists. I am failing in my “blogging resolutions” and lapsing into some kind John Cusack mode of communication.

Since I fixed the wireless in my apartment, my interest in iPhone apps as skyrocketed. Not just for games, but also neat little utilities. Since my fascination with multi-purpose consumer electronics knows no bounds, I’ve been trying to think of everything and anything I could use my ipod touch for. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

1. Metro – That’s right, it’s the newspaper, now in app form. It can be updated daily, and has offline viewing, so I sometimes boot up just before I leave the house and then browse the latest news stories when I’m on the bus. I could say “this saves a tree”, but really my bus is packed in the morning, and I can’t always get a seat, so it’s easier than fumbling with a newspaper. And for the record, my bus stop doesn’t even HAVE a Metro box- it only has 24. Jerks.

2. GoodReader – This app is great as a pdf viewer or even as a ebook reader. It handles large files with ease and I use it to store my TTC map and other odds and ends. The free version has all of the same options, but with a limited number of files.

3. MobileRSS – What can I say? It imports from Google Reader and has offline viewing. That’s all I really need/want. Now that I think about it, I could probably add the Metro to this thing and save myself an app…

4. Starbucks – Yes, I’m a coffee snob. And Toronto has a LOT of Starbucks stores, but for some reason I have trouble finding them when I want one.

5. CBC – I am a CBC junkie. The shows, the news, the music…dare I say it, Sheyla Rogers. The Radio 3 podcast was my first experience with podcasts when I found it back in ’05. It’s a lovely, organized little app.

6. TuneIn Radio – A massive list of live feeds of real radio stations across the globe.

7. FreeBooks – An app that accesses a database of thousands of free books/books in the public domain.

Apps I want:
A reliable, official TTC app- It would be incredibly useful to many people. There are a few TTC apps already, but none of them seem to be created by the TTC and judging by the reviews, have quickly become outdated.

An official driver’s handbook app/quiz- Again, there have been some independently created ones that have been criticized in the reviews for having incorrect answers. At the very least, the official book should be offered in .pdf or ebook format- are they going to get paranoid about people pirating a driver’s handbook?