iPad Launch Date Announced – April 3 – The countdown begins.

(via Gamasutra)

My current thoughts:
I personally think that there are a lot of existing apps that will not port seamlessly to the iPad in terms of controls, and people seem to be taking it for granted that it will sell as well/to the same people as the iPhone. (I’m a little bit skeptical about that.)

While I don’t doubt Apple’s marketing panache, at the same time there’s a big difference between carrying around something roughly the size of a deck of cards in your pocket, and carrying around something the size of a notebook.

I’m enthusiastic about the sort of games that could be made for this device- as a matter of fact, I think I’d even like to buy one. But I think of it as an attractive alternative to a laptop.

At the very least, the iPad will give the Netbook craze a run for its money, I think.


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