As I begin to consider my next PC purchase to replace the four-year-old P4 fossil currently sitting on my desk, I’m starting to think about all of the PC games I’ve been missing out on recently.

This morning, just out of curiousity, I was looking at apps made specifically for the click-wheel classic iPod.  I was first of all struck by the fact that they range from Trivial Pursuit to Pac-Man (not a huge surprise there) to Sonic the Hedgehog. I’ve never owned a click-wheel iPod, but I intend to borrow one just to see how these games work.

One game I was really impressed to find though was Phase. It’s a simple rhythm game by Harmonix that uses your iPod’s music library to generate levels.

Since I don’t own a classic iPod (the one and only device Phase is available on), I immediately searched for any similar games on other platforms. I immediately came up with Audiosurf.

My current PC would likely suffer a stroke if I tried to run it, but I can’t wait to play it later on when I finally get a new one. Here’s a sample: