Advice For Aspiring Writers

There are times when other writers ask me for advice and sometimes I’m stumped for an answer- after all, I’ve had a pretty weird career so far, and I wouldn’t recommend any of them pattern theirs after mine. But a friend of mine posted this video today:

And it turns out that I DO have a few pieces of advice for aspiring online writers. And it is this:

Don’t work for free.

Don’t work for ALMOST free. ($10 a post is NOT good pay!)

Don’t work for “exposure”. (Pfft.)

Don’t work for profit shares or ad-bucks.

Work for MONEY.

It’s not about being greedy, it’s about having standards. There are sites out there that legitimately pay their writers a proper amount- usually the same sites that can give you actual exposure (Like CRACKED). Aim high. Don’t write crap. If you’re working for a publication that doesn’t notice or doesn’t care how many spelling and grammatical errors you have, then it’s safe to say you’re not going to learn much, and you probably shouldn’t put it on your resume.

And most importantly- don’t give up looking for a good writing gig. They exist. Remember: the professional writer is really just the amateur that didn’t quit.