Apps I’ve tried lately

Puzzle Agent – Telltale Games’ puzzle mystery is exactly what it sounds like- a puzzle mystery. Far from being dense story material, the art and sound provide a beautifully macabre ambiance for this brain-bending iPhone game. I was surprised to find that the puzzles range from abstract to straight up traditional logic puzzles.  In some cases, I had to get a pencil and paper. In other cases, I had to use the in-game hints. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far.

Deadly Allusions – Ever played a 2-minute mystery? Allusions is collection of 30-second mysteries that pretty much always require you to have a search engine handy (there’s a link to Google in-game). A short description of each crime scene hides clues to the culprit in names and set-ups. It’s not as easy as it looks. But it’s damn fun.

Godville – It’s a little hard to describe this one. You create a hero. Your hero goes forth and completes quests and collects loot in your honor.  You occasionally intervene, influence and resurrect. Beyond that, I’ve yet to figure out how it works. Whatever it does, I think it’s currently doing it right now…


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