Gamasutra – Brian Moriarty’s Apology For Roger Ebert

Gamasutra – News – Opinion: Brian Moriarty’s Apology For Roger Ebert.

(Caution: I was a little bit sleep-deprived when I wrote this.)

A fascinating debate on video games as “Art” – if you’re interested in video game development at all, this is a must read, whether you agree with him or not.

As I mention in my comments on the article, I’m tempted to compare video games to one of Socrates plays- where he guides the viewer/reader through an imaginary dialog to a particular point of view, via a series of questions. The questions, if I remember correctly (it’s been a while) often have only one reasonable answer, but give the illusion that the reader is otherwise free to disagree.

Video games, comparatively, give the illusion of choice, or use a series of choices to guide the player through a particular experience, to a particular conclusion. Sometimes there are multiple paths, offering multiple conclusions. While the commenter under me disagrees that video games cannot constitute a dialog, I think maybe, while not true in all cases, the game designer sets up their dialog with the user in much the same way Socrates sets up his dialog with the reader, in his plays.


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