Stuff I Didn’t Post Yet: McGonigal’s PAX East Talk

I think what she’s failing to address here is social skills- the ability to “read” people when you’re talking to them face-to-face, and be forthright/considerate while in conversation.

Online interaction will NOT improve your real-world social skills, whether it’s in the context of a video game, or just a late night chat on IM. I understand what she’s really talking about is “teamwork”, but real-world teamwork requires a lot more skills than teamwork that takes place in a digital game space.

It’s nice to think that video gamers become skilled problem solvers, but I tend to think it’s the other way around: people pre-disposed towards skilled problem solving are more likely to practice those skills in a gaming environment.

Much like, I believe, people with fewer social skills are more likely to be drawn to a digital space to communicate, since they can thoughtfully type their words without fear, or verbal stumbling.


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