Tatsuya’s Declaration of Recommencement

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There was a post by Kitabayashi to the Capcom Unity blog on Saturday,and it re-iterated a sentiment expressed to me by my studio head, who is also Japanese:

“Money donations and conservation of energy and water are things all of us can do to help out, but I wanted to figure out what it was that we could do because of who we are. What could we do to help that others could not? When I contemplated this, I discovered one answer:

“We can cheer people up by creating something that everybody can enjoy.”

For those of us in the game industry, I believe that is one thing that we can, nay, must do.

All people, not just in Japan, but all over the world, are dealing with all sorts of circumstances and experiencing all sorts of emotions.

Even if we only bring one smile to one person’s face, even if we only shine a single ray of light upon just one person’s heart, I believe beyond doubt that the game we create can help make the future a bit brighter. And so believing, I’d like to once again embark on this path.”

I have a profound amount of respect for a statement like this, and for the strength of the Japanese people. I also believe that we sometimes underestimate the power of such ordinary, everyday joys as video games in the face of extreme chaos.

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