A Story Game A Week: A Normal Lost Phone

I’ve discovered I have a backlog of narrative-based games of various types, and many of them probably don’t take that long to play. So why not play at least one short one every week? (We’ll see how long I can make this stick) I will probably lean heavily towards mobile games in this experiment (that’s where the majority of my background in gaming lies), but I won’t rule out games in the same vein as Beginner’s Guide or Her Story, or instalments of a Telltale series. Like a lot of people, I have an embarrassingly long Steam library of unplayed games.

Last weekend I played these two:
A Normal Lost Phone
Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story

Both of these hidden gems are “found phone” games/stories by Accidental Queens. Both are very emotional journeys, which I like. It dragged a bit in parts when there was a lot of reading (the writer is annoyed at reading…makes me question myself) but overall I enjoyed the code-cracking breaks between story segments. Both had extremely strong protagonists.

I played Simulacra back during my Christmas break and really enjoyed how the game was laid out. I think I prefer the realistic looking aesthetics of that one, but the visual style of A Normal Lost Phone did grow on me. I also have tried SIM/Sara is Missing, but I didn’t like it quite as much.

I’ll probably keep these posts short and sweet, since I have a lot keeping me busy these days.