How to Write a Book in Three Days

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A friend of mine showed me link to a page briefly explaining Michael Moorcock’s writing structure, which he detailed in the book “Death is No Obstacle” (sadly, now out of print). He wrote the “Elric of Melniboné” stories and many other books.

While I’m not super familiar with his work, I am kind of fascinated by what he lays out. It resembles Lester Dent’s Master Plot Structure.

The link:
How to Write a Book in Three Days

Both of them are the sort of thing I’d like to screw around with for National Novel Writing Month. I haven’t read much pulp since I was a little girl thumbing through my mother’s copies of Ellery Queen Magazine, but it could be the sort of thing to perhaps alleviate my prose fiction writing woes. Plus it just looks like fun.


Tatsuya’s Declaration of Recommencement

Tatsuya > Blog > Declaration of Recommencement.

There was a post by Kitabayashi to the Capcom Unity blog on Saturday,and it re-iterated a sentiment expressed to me by my studio head, who is also Japanese:

“Money donations and conservation of energy and water are things all of us can do to help out, but I wanted to figure out what it was that we could do because of who we are. What could we do to help that others could not? When I contemplated this, I discovered one answer: Continue reading “Tatsuya’s Declaration of Recommencement”