I’m a professional creative writer and game designer. Over the course of my career so far, I’ve been a blogger, comedy writer, poet, game designer, non- fiction author, nerdy columnist, press release proofer, naked transcriptionist, trivia miner, and dispenser of unsavoury content. I am a writer who thinks around corners. I’m a fast learner, I can adapt, I’m creative, and I have a thick skin.

Writing Strengths:

Research: I cross-reference EVERYTHING that I find. I’m never satisfied with a handful of information about something, I research a topic until I feel I can comfortably write about it. When I’m writing for a character or brand, I do thorough research beforehand to make sure I have a handle on the

Creativity: I enjoy the challenge of shaping my narratives around unusual situations or parameters. I like to think I can write believable dialog for ANYTHING.

Speed: I’m accustomed to tight deadlines, so I often have short turnaround times.

Game Design Strengths:

Communication: I try to respect the needs and schedule of everyone on my team, and encourage open dialog about how things are going.

Vision: I constantly have to envision the end product as a cohesive experience and how it is used. Not just one possible way to use it, but also how different players at different levels of experience and background will approach it. I work on games that are played by many different types of people, and that requires me to constantly being trying to get into their heads and view the complete product through their eyes. And even then, there’s always a perspective I miss, which is what focus testing is for. 😉

Volunteer Positions:

I’m currently the Treasurer for a monthly reading series in Toronto called The Rowers Reading Series, which is a poetry and fiction reading series that runs the first Monday of every month, from October to June.