My name is Megan Swaine and I’m a writer/game designer who is always on the look out for further opportunities to develop my craft. I recently completed eight years at Capcom/Beeline Interactive Canada, working on the creative side of a number of mobile and iPhone titles. My background is in creative writing and writing for interactive media.

I’ve written trivia for three games, designed narrative for 11 different games (many of them free-to-play), built match-3 puzzle levels for two games, and designed free-to-play feature updates for two major titles. (And I’ve even ventured into some production work, for one title.)

I’ve also written scripts, comedy segments for a radio program, articles, books, press releases, a press kit, blogs, Google ads, poetry and general website content. I am interested in pretty much any form of creative writing, and am accustomed to working with licensed IP and adapting it from one medium to the next.

Specialties: Creative Writing, Story, Online Content, SEO, Online Marketing, Technical Writing, Editing, Video Game Dialogue, Video Game Narrative, Trivia Questions, Comedy, Script Writing, Game Design, Social Games, Free-to-Play, Narrative Design, Video Game Production