Current Projects

I don’t seem to post here very often, so I might as well post an update for what has been going on in my (professional) life:

  • I am now officially a Game Designer at Beeline Interactive Canada. So far, my job hasn’t transformed completely, but I am taking a more active role in the design process, as well as owning the design input I always had at the micro-level.
  • I’m taking the Comic Script Writing by Correspondence Program via Humber College. Comedy has always been something I’ve been interested in, and it plays a large role in my video game writing. I’m very excited about it. David Flaherty, the instructor I’m working with was, ironically, a writer for the TV show adaptation of Maniac Mansion. (Which is easily my favourite game of all time, and likely the game that inspired me to write for games later in life)
  • I’m now the Treasurer for the Rower’s Pub Reading Series, which is a poetry/fiction reading series that runs the first Monday of every month (October to June) in Toronto, at the Victory Cafe.
  • On August 7th of this year, I did a repeat performance of last year’s poetry reading, at the same place and time.
  • I just got back from volunteering at the Shelter Valley Folk Festival, and as usual, it was inspiring and exhilarating. 

3 thoughts on “Current Projects

  1. Not a comment but a question for you Megan. Did you find that the course(s) that you took at Centennial prepared you well enough for your current work? I like that fact that you’re doing what you love, creative writing, and working in one of the hottest industries out there.

    1. I think in some ways it did, and in some ways it didn’t, mostly because new media (interactive media, social media, web 2.0, what have you) is constantly evolving, so any related education can quickly become outdated (even the program I took had elements that weren’t quite current). However, all of the teachers were people working in new media at the time, and that was a fabulous networking opportunity. A few of them I still keep in touch with, as a matter of fact. Because they already had jobs in “the industry”, they were not only helpful, but also tried to hold us to the same standards they would their own employees/coworkers.

      I think any post-secondary program is going to come with the risk of not necessarily getting what you expected, or getting your money’s worth. But just about any program like that is going to force you to polish your work and meet deadlines, and that’s always helpful.

      1. Thanks. Lots of food for thought. (I wasn’t sure this message/comment got through, so I sent you a similar one on FB…sorry ’bout that.)
        Any info I get helps as I consider opinions for careers paths, or a change in path.

        Take care,


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